Global Gatherings and Events

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September 5, 2018
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November 24, 2019

Global Gatherings and Events

We stage these global events to help gain public and financial support for our global partners, and actively promote the replication of their innovative justice models around the world.

Our events bridge the gap between the general public, academics and policymakers; our crowds are a deliberate hodgepodge of people—justice workers, funders, members of NGOs, member of the artistic community, formerly incarcerated and directly impacted people, corporates, creative, concerned citizens, influencers and celebrities—because instead of simply preaching to the converted, INN aims to bring radical conversations and ideas about global justice reform to wider audiences, all of whom have a role to pay in advocating against prisons as a knee-jerk response to crime, and promoting innovative measures that truly build safe communities.

INN held two global convenings in November, 2019: in New York City at the High Line Park, the Jane Hotel and John Jay College of Criminal Justice; and Johannesburg, South Africa, at the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Wits University. INN partners from around the world were represented at these convenings; programs from them can be found here & here.

INN holds regular global webinars and other virtual events to share best practices, showcase the work of our global partners and advocate for reform and reimagining in tandem with them.

Also in collaboration with our global partners and tailored to their particular needs and agendas, INN is persistently planning attention-grabbing screening events of INN-TV and activations of The Writing on the Wall in multiple locations around the world. These activations showcase strong justice models and are followed up with continued efforts to support replication of these models.

As the only U.S. delegate, I was so honored to travel to South Africa to share FFLIC’s approach to reducing youth incarceration. The fact that the United States, “leader of the free world,” has a youth incarceration rate that is the highest in the world is embarrassing and overwhelming. I was inspired to hear and learn from so many amazing colleagues about the many reforms taking place around the world. My trip to the motherland gave me the recharge that I need to continue the daunting task at hand in Louisiana and the US. Thank you Baz for creating INN and a global support system that will help to end mass incarceration around the world.

Gina Womack, Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (USA)

The INN Global Gathering in New York was an incredibly powerful event. Not only did I get new insights on the challenges that people around the world are facing when it comes to incarceration but – even more excitingly – there was a real sense of optimism generated by the sharing of new and innovative ideas. I was struck by how often people from radically different places were struggling with the same challenges and it was great to hear so many conversations where people were practically discussing the ways they might be able to apply new solutions in their local context. It was wonderful to test our model with such a vibrant network and I am already planning lots of follow-up conversations.

Sarah Pearson, Unlocked Graduates (United Kingdom)

The sheer scale of the problems in our criminal justice and prison systems is at times overwhelming, but knowing that there is now a community of people out there who have come up with endlessly innovative and successful ways to create change was incredible. After our gathering in South Africa, I feel inspired and excited about the future, and ready to face those challenges with new energy.

Rose Worster, Fair Justice Initiative (Ghana)

Our team was so excited to have been identified by you and further given a worldwide presence to interact and bond with fellow advocates who are doing amazing works in their respective countries. We look forward to partnering and collaborating with these institutions in the future, especially in introducing and replicating the Justice For All Program within their countries –as some have already hinted at this. We are excited for further collaboration!

Juliana Edzii, POS Foundation (Ghana)

De la experiencia en New York City, puedo destacar una idea que estuvo siempre en mi mente, aunque cada uno d e nosotros veníamos de países distintos, con sus idiosincrasias, ideologías, cultura, lo cierto es que ni el idioma fue una barrera para comprender que habían comunes denominadores entre nuestras naciones. La idea de que la cárcel m@s qu euna solución es una distorsión para el ofensor o infractor y una pena ampliada para su familia, siempre estuvo latente. En mi caso particular nuestro país se destaca por tener una justicia restaurativa judicializada que va dando sus frutos, ayer precisamente me correspondió dar cuentas de nuestros avances en el año 2019, y es realmente importante cuando se valora que nuestros infractores han donado sus horas de trabajo comunal y estas en total suman más de tres años. NYC abrió aún más mi visión y vamos a implementar más cambios, tales como creación de una bolsa d e trabajo, impacto ambiental, mayor integración de redes de apoyo, y participacion de la comunidad. Todos estos días con ustedes en NYC fortaleció mi visión cm juzgadora, me motivó a ser aún más pro activa y responsable de los procesos de cambio y a salirme de la zona de confort. Por todo lo anterior, agradezco profundamente la oportunidad dada, y espero verla pronta en Costa Rica!

Judge María Gabriela León Mora, National Restorative Justice Unit (Costa Rica)

Global Gatherings and Events
Global Gatherings and Events