The Incarceration Nations Network (INN) is a global network and think tank that supports, instigates and popularizes innovative prison reform efforts around the world


Mass incarceration is a global calamity.

From England to El Salvador, Argentina to the USA, Brazil and Lebanon to South Africa and Sierra Leone, its harms and horrors of look strikingly similar.

INN-TV is the first docu-series to tell this border-crossing story.

Narrated entirely by those who have lived incarceration around the world, the ten episodes of INN-TV expose an international crisis while also spotlighting solutions, showcasing the work of INN justice partners from one continent to another.

Ideal for classrooms, panel discussions, justice-related film screenings and more, INN-TV is a powerful education about one of the greatest human—and civil—rights catastrophes of our time.


1. The Nefarious Plot: Introduction to Global Mass Incarceration
2. Legally Innocent
3. (In)Justice for Women
4. Families Behind Bars
5. Education Not Incarceration
6. Smart on Drugs, Not War on Drugs
7. "Home"coming
8. Those Closest to the Problem...
9. Correcting Correctional Centers
10. Heal Not Harm